Swish is the only Ceroc Weekend held at Potters Resort which has been awarded a 5* Holiday Village Status. The resort has received 5 stars, due to the facilities on site such as the state of the art theatre, the vasy array of sporting facilities and the spectacular garden restaurant.

All the accommodation at Potters is warm and comfortable although a comparable star rating will vary between the accommodation types.  Obviously the more expensive accommodation types have a higher star rating and are of a higher standard than the cheaper options.

This is a weekend for people looking for true quality combined with the usual varied workshops and terrific freestyle sessions of an Escape weekender.

Swish 16th February 2018

(3 Nights)

Bookings for Swish 2018 is OPEN.

Due to an unprecendent amount of bookings since the 5th February, we are already 95% sold out and have therefore had to enforce the Gender Control. We can therefore only accept bookings for groups of an equal gender or in favour of men. 

As there are predominently only triple rooms available, ladies you may like to try and find three men to book with and have a triple room each.

Alternatively, please add a note to the 2018 Message Board which we will be using as the waiting list. 

Please follow the steps below to make your booking:

STEP 1 - Determine the number of people in your party

STEP 2 - Decide on your accommodation type

STEP 3 - Familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions

STEP 4 - Complete the booking form 









Over 30 varied and exciting workshops covering a range of dance styles, including Blues & West Coast Swing.
Over 25 hours of freestyle in two dance areas.
Different standards of accommodation from bungalows to Penthouse Suites.
West End style entertainment along with lots of other activities including, Rock Climbing and Rally-Karts.
The Aphrodite Studios offering Massage, Facials and Spa treatments..
A Gender Controlled Event to ensure an equal gender balance.  






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